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Paleo Panna Cotta & Ginger Four Ways

Paleo Panna Cotta & Ginger Four Ways




Christmas!.... Pine trees, crackling fires, hot chocolate, cozy blankets.... oh right...wait! I live in Australia now. 

No cozy fires and hot chocolates for me! How I miss Canada during the holidays. It never really feels like Christmas in 40Β° weather!

Enter this light and delicious Summer dessert featuring a favourite holiday flavour... Ginger!

It is not your traditional North American holiday dessert but a true Aussie favourite at Christmas. This dairy free version uses only a few simple ingredients and really packs a ginger punch!

Topped with a simple refined sugar free Plum + Ginger compote and a little Christmas Cookie crumble, your guest are sure to fall in love as I have with the idea of Christmas in the Summer time.

Ginger MORE ways!? Ginger FOUR ways!

Not only does ginger lend to my little Panna Cotta Pots, but I'm feeling a bit home sick for the holidays so I've teamed up with a few of my favourite Canadian Bloggers to bring you the festive flavour of ginger three more amazing ways!

Check out all of the delicious recipes below!

Click each photo for recipe inspo from Fit Mitten Kitchen, The Nutritious Princess & The Dish On Healthy. I hope you love these ginger gems! 

Paleo Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie By  Fit Mitten Kitchen

Paleo Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie By Fit Mitten Kitchen

Healthy Gingerbread Bliss Balls By  The Dish On Healthy  

Healthy Gingerbread Bliss Balls By The Dish On Healthy 

Gingerbread Apple Loaf By  The Nutritious Princess

Gingerbread Apple Loaf By The Nutritious Princess


Dairy Free Ginger Panna Cotta

Dairy Free Ginger Panna Cotta

Make this recipe ahead of time to beat the hosting day rush!

Panna Cotta will keep in a sealed jar or covered serving bowl for up to 48 hours in advance of serving.

Compote will keep 1 week in the refrigerator (and leftovers are brilliant on toast!) 


TIME: 20 Minutes + 1 Hour set time

SERVES: 4 x 1/2 cup (115ml) 


2 cups Coconut Milk 

2 tablespoons grated fresh Ginger 

1 tablespoon of Raw Honey 

1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Powder or the yield of 1 Vanilla Bean 

3 teaspoons of Gelatin (I use Vital Proteins Brand) or Agar agar flakes for a Vegan/Vegetarian option


In a pot on the stove combine 1 1/2 cups coconut milk, ginger, honey and vanilla bean. Bring to a simmer being mindful not to boil the mixture or burn the milk. Allow the ginger to infuse the coconut milk simmer on the lowest possible heat for 15 minutes. 

In a small bowl combine 1/2 cup of remaining coconut milk and gelatine, whisking with a fork until gelatine dissolves in liquid. 

Remove coconut milk mixture from the heat. Pour through a sieve and into a jug or large pourable glass. Add gelatine mixture to warm milk mixture and whisk well with fork to combine.

Pour mixture into serving dishes. You can use a silicone molds, greased ramekin or jam jars like I have. 

Refrigerate for a minimum of one hour to set, and up to 48 hours before serving. 


Top Panna Cotta Pots with 3 tablespoons of Plum Compote mixture Optional: Sprinkle with leftover Christmas Cookies



1 cup diced Plum, any seasonal variety will work well here 

1 tablespoon Lemon juice 

1 tablespoon Raw Honey 

1 teaspoon Lemon Zest 

2 teaspoons Grated Fresh Ginger 

1 tablespoon ground flax* 


In a small pot on the stove combine all ingredients and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes until plums breakdown and mixture thickens. Add flax if using and stir though for 1 minute. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Transfer to the refrigerator for mixture to thicken 30 minutes or overnight. 

*This is optional but creates a nice thick compote without the need to over reduce the mixture and lose volume 

Enjoy x

This recipe was shared on the Little Bites of Beauty AIP Christmas Recipe Party

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