Hello! Welcome to Nourish Me Mum. My name is Ashley Collins a Canadian living in Melbourne, Australia, wife to Chris, and Mother to Charlotte and James, my little Can-Aussie kiddos.

I met my Aussie husband in Spain in 2009 and moved to Australia shortly thereafter. Literally like two weeks later! It was total love at first sight, but we'll save that story for another blog post! 

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Before becoming a full time Mom, I was an event coordinator in not-for-profit and most recently corporate events. 

I have always been passionate about health and nutrition. Constantly seeking information and educating myself on the latest in nutritional science, diets and wellness practices.

I have learned over the years that it is all quite simple. I believe when you eat well you feel well, and I want everyone to feel their best!

So in February of 2016 I began Nourish Me Mum.

   My Children Charlotte and James and I in Kitchen HQ aka home 

As a passionate wholefood foodie I aim to share recipes that are simple, healthy, fresh & suitable for your whole family because I am a Mum, and I get it!

I know you want the best for your family and good healthy food doesn’t have to be hard or costly it is just about making the right choices.

I am so passionate about nourishing children with food and living an active, love-filled life. Hence Nourish Me Mum... I want to share & inspire this passion in you too!

You can count on me for plenty of delicious gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes. Smoothies, salads, snacks and treats are my specialty. If you feel like saying hello you can contact me here

I look forward to hearing from you! xx Ash 

About Page Photos by  Angie Baxter  Photographer 

About Page Photos by Angie Baxter Photographer